Bulgaria’s growing number of world class companies present exciting opportunities for professional growth. Given that more a third of entrepreneurs in Bulgaria are non-native, is a testament to the opportunities for starting & building companies in the country. Large multinational companies such as VMware, Financial Times, CISCO, Uber, SAP and many others, have sizeable R&D centres that are solving global problems. This has attracted a crowd of young, skilled international professionals, that have contributed to making Sofia a hip, fun, cosmopolitan place.

A number of organisations work with the diaspora abroad to inform them on the opportunities to work and relocate in Bulgaria, as well to support them through the process. 

Tuk-Tam is the largest global community of Bulgarians with international experience. Enabling it is a nonprofit organization dedicated to reversing the brain drain challenge in Bulgaria through its various projects and initiatives. An important arm of its operations is serving as an online and offline platform that brings together leading businesses and great talents, helping both connect, learn, and grow. Join now

BASSCOM is the industry association of leading Bulgarian software development companies. Their mission is to promote competitive advantages and long-term traditions in software development as well as to encourage acquisition of best practices to raise company excellence. BASSCOM produce industry reports and recently started diaspora initiative called “ЗАвръщането”. Learn more

Noble Hire is a Sofia-based Bulgarian startup & we are changing the way job-search works for the tech industry – one hire at a time. Their job ads and company profiles have all the information you need to know about your future employer – product information, key company achievements, internal culture, work methodology. Learn more.

Bulgaria Wants You is a multimedia platform with career opportunities, which combines engaging video content, presents companies in Bulgaria and the country as a good place for career development. The platform has detailed information about the standard of living, environment and everyday life in different regions in Bulgaria. Learn more.

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