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Bulgaria has undergone transformative development over the past two decades. It is Southeast Europe’s hottest IT hub and its young, educated workforce makes it a good place for social and business innovation. Its strong startup potential creates a wealth of opportunities both for potential investors and for career builders. RE:TURN is your access point to Bulgaria’s dynamic business and social ecosystem.

If you are interested in developments in Bulgaria and want to keep an eye out for interesting investment opportunities, join us on our US tour. In a series of events on the West and East Coasts and in Chicago, you will be able to meet the RE:TURN team and Bulgaria- and US-based community, business leaders and learn about the many opportunities Bulgaria offers.

RE:TURN  is organized by the Bulgarian Private Equity & Venture Capital Association (BVCA), with main partner the America for Bulgaria Foundation (ABF) and with the support of Solutions for the Future Foundation, and the Bulgarian Entrepreneurship Center (BEC).

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RE:TURN will connect you to the Bulgarian entrepreneurial community’s rising stars as well as the everyday superheroes in the nonprofit sector doing vital work throughout the country. You will also learn about the people at the forefront of educational innovation. Here’s how you can be a part of these exciting developments:


A number of Bulgarian startups have made their mark globally in recent years. Telerik, LeanPlum, Walltopia, and Software Group are only a few of the best-known examples, with promising new companies emerging all the time. Their potential was recognized by investors with an eye for talent and opportunity. Join that group of visionaries: support a startup directly or invest in a local venture capital fund. Or you can get involved by mentoring entrepreneurs who are just starting out. The RE:TURN team will match you up with startups in your area of interest.


Building a just and durable democracy and a vibrant private sector in the 21st century depends on extending the benefits of quality education to all, boosting independent journalism, strengthening the judiciary, and promoting good governance. We partner with nonprofit organizations, citizen groups, and educational institutions to ensure that Bulgaria reaches its potential as a modern democratic nation. You can support the vital work they do in the country and help make Bulgaria a better place to live and work.


Bulgaria’s growing number of world class companies present exciting opportunities for professional growth. Given that more a third of entrepreneurs in Bulgaria are non-native, is a testament to the opportunities for starting & building companies in the country. Large multinational companies such as VMware, CISCO, Uber, SAP and many others, have sizeable R&D centres that are solving global problems. This has attracted a crowd of young, skilled international professionals, that have contributed to making Sofia a hip, fun, cosmopolitan place.

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