Past Event

March 6, 2019
Los Angeles

Past Event

March 6, 2019 Los Angeles


  • President Plevneliev
    President Plevneliev Former President of Republic of Bulgaria
  • Nancy Schiller
    Nancy Schiller CEO and President America for Bulgaria Foundation
  • Evgeny Angelov
    Evgeny Angelov Chairman Bulgarian Venture Capital Association
  • Anthony Christov
    Anthony Christov Former Creative Director Pixar
  • Larry Biehl
    Larry Biehl Financial Consultant and Investment Manager
  • Vassil Terziev
    Vassil Terziev Co-Founder Telerik Academy and Partner Eleven Ventures
  • Victor Penev
    Victor Penev Founder and CEO Edamam
  • Zlatolina Mukova
    Zlatolina Mukova Partner NEVEQ Capital Partners

Why Attend

If you are interested in developments in Bulgaria and want to keep an eye out for interesting investment opportunities, join us on our US tour. In a series of events on the West Coast in 2019, you will be able to meet the Re:turn team and Bulgaria- and US-based community, business leaders and learn about the many opportunities Bulgaria offers.


  • Six years ago there were only two funds and almost no angel investors in Bulgaria. Now, there are >€10M allocated to startups.

    Daniel Tomov Managing Partner Eleven Ventures
  • To promote Bulgaria as an investment destination and one for talent to come back is part of our job and we encourage this process.

    Andréas Beikos Head of Sofia Office European Investment Bank Group

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