Past Event

July 21, 2018


  • Ognian Zlatev
    Ognian Zlatev Head of the European Commission Representation in Sofia
  • Lubomira Rochet
    Lubomira Rochet Chiev Digital Officer L'Oreal
  • Stephane Gantchev
    Stephane Gantchev Partner LAUNCHub Ventures
  • Stephane Gantchev
    Stephane Gantchev Partner LAUNCHub Ventures
  • Aleksandar Terziyski
    Aleksandar Terziyski Investment Manager NEVEQ Capital Partners
  • Angel Stefanov
    Angel Stefanov Investment Manager BlackPeak Capital
  • Evgeny Angelov
    Evgeny Angelov Chairman Bulgarian Venture Capital Association
  • Valery Beltchev
    Valery Beltchev Executive Director at Fund Manager of Financial Instruments in Bulgaria
  • Xavier Marcenac
    Xavier Marcenac Founder Nasekomo
  • Katya Laine
    Katya Laine Founder KWALYS
  • Paul Guillemin
    Paul Guillemin Founder and CEO FretLink
  • Plamen Tzanev
    Plamen Tzanev Founder and CEO Pulsio Print
  • Yordan Tabakov
    Yordan Tabakov Founder WizziLab

The event gathered
hundreds of professionals

French and Bulgarian entrepreneurs, business professionals and investors gathered in Paris for the BVCA event. The discussion showed many synergies between the two ecosystems, such as mutual investments and successful exits. Business professionals in France expressed interest in working with Bulgaria, while some already have their offices and operations in the country. Meanwhile, representatives from French Tech Sofia also presented the vibrant French community in the Bulgarian capital.


  • Bulgaria was not the only place I have lived in, but it was the only one that managed to keep me in one place.
    Thibaut Taittinger Foundder of Puzl CowOrKing
  • We have over 250 companies funded, local funds now manage over €150mn, which is significant for the size of our economy.

    Evgeny Angelov Chairman BVCA

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